The good news in the recently completed General Assembly session is that we were successful at stopping Brad Raffensperger’s attempt to lift the ban on private money and eliminate non-partisan poll watching. The bad news is that Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan blocked the SB89 election integrity bill just before it became law.

SB89, an election integrity bill that made ballots public records came within minutes of passage on Sine Die but Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan refused to give it a vote even though it would have passed with unanimous Republican majority support. VoterGA established that Duncan acted on behalf of his friend Gov. Brian Kemp. Here is our letter to Lt. Gov. Duncan. See the latest press release on the Press Release tab or click the picture. Several Senators also voted with Duncan to prevent SB89 from getting a simple vote to accept the House changes. Read the story.