The Empire Strikes Back (again!) and VOTERGA needs your help!

Amelia Hutchins famously wrote, “Nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy,” and the simple truth behind these words has never been better on display than in the fight to investigate suspected election fraud in Fulton County, GA during the November 2020 general election. Just hours away from a final meeting for the long-awaited court-ordered unsealing of the county’s mail-in ballots, scheduled Friday, May 28 at 9am, attorneys for Fulton County,  the county’s Board of Registration and Elections, and the county’s Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts filed an eleventh-hour legal maneuver, thereby creating yet another delay in the case as they adamantly oppose sorely needed election transparency.

Please click the NEWS tab to learn all about the history of the case and watch related news stories and interviews, including the recent clip of lead petitioner and founder, Garland Favorito, as he reacts – in typically undaunted fashion – to the variety of efforts by the “enemies of truth” to prevent so much as the initiation of examining evidence in this hard-fought legal battle. But, first – if you care and if you can – please take just a moment to join the fight by making a donation to VOTERGA!

Why donate to VOTERGA today?
In addition to the mounting legal fees and administrative costs involved with this protracted court battle, a most unusual and unexpected provision of the judge’s “order to unseal” is that it shall be the responsibility of the plaintiffs to cover the cost of having Fulton County’s employees present to handle the mail-in ballots during the visual inspection and high-resolution scanning necessary testing by our forensic experts. We ask for the aid of good patriots everywhere to “join us in the fight” and help VOTERGA persevere and prevail in this critical effort to preserve election integrity…and to keep “The Empire” at bay!

And remember! VOTERGA is an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible, so, please…DONATE TODAY!

Click here to see the latest, including the most recent “Fulton fiasco” involving a possible security breach at the warehouse where the ballots are stored. It’s truly almost too absurd to be believed, but nowhere is truth stranger than fiction than in Fulton County, GA.