What Really Happened during  the 6th District Election Night Reporting on April 18?

On Election Night  April 18th, reporting was delayed for several hours in Fulton County and after problems were corrected just before midnight there was a significant shift in vote counts resulting in a runoff. This generated national skepticism again concerning whether or Georgia’s unverifiable voting systems can be trusted.  What really happened? Was there a machine malfunction? human error? vote rigging? security flaws? Why did people in Roswell and Johns Creek precincts have to vote two separate times using different cards and different machines on the same day? Why didn’t the voting system catch any human errors? What are the implications for the June 20 runoff?

Garland Favorito, founder of VoterGa, and a career IT professional will walk through exactly what happened that night and address all of your questions. His presentation is based on the newly released study that defines what happened.

Pickens County Tea Party

Tuesday May 23, 2017 – 6:30 pm

Johnny’s Pizza Patio Room

744 Noah Dr.

Jasper Ga. 30143






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