Empowering County Elections with Legal Authority

Empowering County Elections with Legal Authority – Slide Show

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County Voting System Resolution

This resolution proposes for any county to replace expensive ballot marking devices and scanners used for in person voting with hand marked paper ballots and publicly recorded hand counts at the precincts. The resolution proposes to continue to use the Dominion central scanner to verify all hand counts and to continue to use the county Election Management Server to transfer results to the SOS office and produce all standard reports currently required.


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Ballot Image Destruction and Ballot Preservation Case

Original Complaint

Perdue et al v. Barron et al Amicus Brief

Perdue et al v. Barron et al Amicus Brief

GA Supreme Court Acceptance of Amicus Brief

SOS 2022 Republican Primary Election Challenge

Original Contest Petition

Phil Chen Fulton School Board Dist. 7 2022 Primary Election Challenge

Original Petition

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss

Final Order Dismissing Challenge

Fulton Co. Defendants Motion for Attorney Fees

Chen Response to Motion for Attorney Fees

Order Denying Fulton Co. Attorney Fees from Chen & Favorito

State Election Board Demand Letter

VoterGA/David Cross letter to SEB seeking to make SEB Rules conform to federal and state election record retention law, preserve ballots until litigation is resolved and unseal Fulton 2020 ballots as a result of evidence presented that some are counterfeit

Complaint to Ban the Voter Registration Cloud Computing Scheme

Original Voter Registration Cloud Complaint

Emergency Motion for Hearing on Temporary Injunction

VoterGA Notice to Counties 

State Refusal to Answer all Interrogatories

State Refusal to Answer all Requested Notices to Produce

Amended Complaint to Ban all 3rd Party Voter Data Outsourcing

Subpoena for Konnech servers held By Los Angeles Co, District Attorney investigators

Response to State’s Objections to Answer Interrogatories and Produce Documents

Complaint Amended to Ban ERIC and Subpoena Konnech Servers in LA

Konnech Data Subpoena Served on LA DA’s Office

LA DA’s Objections to Producing Konnech Server Data Under Subpoena

Response to LA DA’s Objections

2021 State of Georgia Voting System Case 

Court Docket

Petition to Ban Dominion Voting Systems

Respondents Answer

State’s Motion to Dismiss

VoterGA, Rep. Philip Singleton Response to Motion to Dismiss

Lower Court Order to Dismiss Dominion Case

Court of Appeals Brief to Appeal Dominion Case Dismissal

Court of Appeals Order

Writ of Certiorari to GA Supreme Court

2020 Gwinnett County Public Ballot Image Case

Court Docket Case No. 20-A-08626-2

Gwinnett County Ballot Complaint

Brief in Support of Motion for Summary Judgement

2020 Fulton County Counterfeit Ballot Inspection Case

Court Docket

Original Petition

Exhibits & Affidavits

Notice to Inspect

Motion to Compel

Supplemental Motion with Georgia Senate Letter

Objection to Transfer as an Election Contest

Brief in Support of Petitioners Right to Access Ballots

Protective Order for Ballots

Petitioner’s Supplemental Brief

Petitioners Proposed Order

Defense’s Response

SOS / AG Amicus Brief 

Response to Amicus Brief

Tea Party Patriots Foundation Amicus Brief (TPFF)

TPFF Amicus Brief joined by Filipino, Latino, Asian Movement for Empowerment (FLAME)

TPFF/FLAME Amicus Brief Citation Correction

Revised Proposal for Fulton Ballot Inspection Plan

Court Order for Fulton Co to Produce Ballot Images

Notice of Appearance by Samuels, et al for Fulton Election Board

Motion to Stay by Fulton Board of Elections

Motion to Dismiss Fulton County Board as Defendant

Motion to Dismiss Fulton County as Defendant

Favorito Response to Motion to Dismiss

First Discovery Interrogatories & Notice to Produce

Order to Substitute Defendants and Moot Attempt to Dismiss

Amended Complaint for Audit Errors and Fraud

Motion to Resume Discovery and Ballot Inspection

New Defendants Response to Service

Second Motion to Dismiss

Revised Ballot Inspection Plan

SOS IG AG Counterfeit Ballot Response

Order to Dismiss

Notice of Appeal

Appeal Brief

Appellees Reply to Appeal Brief

Appellants Response to Appellees

Court of Appeals Opinion

Appellees Writ of Cert to the Georgia Supreme Court

GA Supreme Court Order Confirming Citizens have standing to sue officials violating law

Motion to Expedite Writ of Cert to Preserve Fulton 2020 Election Ballots

GA Supreme Court Order to Defendants to Respond to Motion by Nov 18, 2022

Appellees Response to Motion to Expedite

Appellants Reply to Appellees Response to Motion to Expedite Writ of Cert 

GA Supreme Court Order Overturning Dismissals on Standing from Lower Courts

Motion for GA Court of Appeals to Expedite Remand of Case to Lower Court

Court of Appeals Upholds GA Supreme Court Order and Remands Case to Lower Court

Writ of Certiorari to GA Supreme Court for Non-Fulton Co. Petitioners

Defendants Response to Draime Writ of Certiorari for Non-Fulton Co. Petitioners

Draime Reply to Defendants Objections to Draime Writ of Certiorari

Inclusion Petition for Grand Jury Investigation of 2020 Election Fraud

Inclusion Form Letter

Original Petition

If you would like a grand jury investigation into the 2020 Presidential election sign the form letter and Email it to with the word “Petition” in the Subject line

General Assembly Call for Forensic Exams and Grand Jury Investigation 

2020 Election Affidavits by Garland Favorito

Affidavit by Garland Favorito regarding Dominion System Vote Flip in Presidential Race at Ware County

Affidavit by Garland Favorito about Georgia Audit & Recount Deficiencies 

Affidavit by Garland Favorito about 20,000 Fulton Vote Spike for Joe Biden

Georgia Ballot Access Case

Green Party et al v. Kemp is a federal lawsuit seeking to provide fairer and more equal ballot access for Presidential candidates  The 2012 federal case was originally dismissed by Judge Richard Story however, the U.S. Court of Appeals remanded the case back to him after ruling on appeal that he applied the wrong standard. In 2016 Judge Story rule in favor of the Plaintiffs and reduced the ballot access requirements for the Presidential race by about 85% from roughly 52,000 to 7.500 verified signatures required for a candidate’s name to be placed on the ballot. Secretary Kemp has stated that he will appeal the decision.

2016 U.S. Court Decision to Reduce Ballot Access Requirements

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2014 U.S. Court of Appeals Reversal

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2012 Order to Dismiss

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Original Complaint

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Georgia Unverifiable Voting Case

VOTER GA has initiated or assisted in legal action to reform Georgia’s elections laws and regulations. in support of verifiable voting for all Georgia citizens and equal ballot access for all Georgia candidates. Our legal actions as plaintiffs in our 13 point verifiable voting lawsuit and as appellants in our Georgia Supreme Court appeal on Constitutional grounds are shown here in chronological order from newest to oldest:

Georgia Supreme Court Ruling

Appellants Ga Supreme Court Letter Brief

Appellees Letter to Ga Supreme Court

Appellants Dispute of Appellee Assertions to Georgia Supreme Court

Appellees’ Supreme Court Brief

Appellants Ga Supreme Court Brief

Final Fulton Co. Order

Plaintiffs’ Summary Judgment Motion

Plaintiffs’ Response to Defendants Motion to Dismiss

Defendants Brief for Summary Judgment

Plaintiffs Disputation of Defendants’ Facts

Defendants’ Statement of Undisputed Facts

Original Voting Complaint


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Michael Barnes

Cathy Cox