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Georgia Ballot Access Case

Green Party et al v. Kemp is a federal lawsuit seeking to provide fairer and more equal ballot access for Presidential candidates  The 2012 federal case was originally dismissed by Judge Richard Story however, the U.S. Court of Appeals remanded the case back to him after ruling on appeal that he applied the wrong standard. In 2016 Judge Story rule in favor of the Plaintffs and reduced the ballot access requirements for the Presidential race by about 85% from roughly 52,000 to 7.500 verified signatures requred for a candidate’s name to be placed on the ballot. Secertary Kemp has stated that he will appeal the decision.

2016 U.S. Court Deccision to Reduce Requirements

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2014 U.S. Court of Appeals Reversal

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2012 Order to Dismiss

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Original Complaint

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Police Shooting Victim – Amy Bramuchi Attempts to Survive

Victim Sues after Police Shoot Her 3 Times in Her Home 9-23-25

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Motion to Suppress in Support of Victim’s 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights 10-28-15

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Amy Bramuchi charged with 4 felonies on 4/14/15 after police break in and shoot her 3 times on 9/25/13

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Amy Bramuchi gagged on 06-26-15 from writing about her case on social media 

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Amy Bramuchi Incident reports July 10-13

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Amy Bramuchi jailed without bond on 7/10/15

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Amy Bramuchi standard bond and falsified warrant with special conditions

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Fulton DA Paul Howard concludes no excessive force against Amy Bramuchi

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VOTER GA has initiated or assisted in legal action to reform Georgia’s elections laws and regulations. in support of verifiable voting for all Georgia citizens and equal ballot access for all Georgia candidates. Our legal actions as plaintiffs in our 13 point verifiable voting lawsuit and as appellants in our Georgia Supreme Court appeal on Constitutional grounds are shown here in chronological order from newest to oldest:

Georgia Supreme Court Ruling

Appellants Ga Supreme Court Letter Brief

Appellees Letter to Ga Supreme Court

Appellants Dispute of Appellee Assertions to Georgia Supreme Court

Appellees’ Supreme Court Brief

Appellants Ga Supreme Court Brief

Final Fulton Co. Order

Plaintiffs’ Summary Judgment Motion

Plaintiffs’ Response to Defendants Motion to Dismiss

Defendants Brief for Summary Judgment

Plaintiffs Disputation of Defendants’ Facts

Defendants’ Statement of Undisputed Facts

Original Voting Complaint