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VoterGA 2022 Volunteer Tribute Video

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Support VoterGA’s commitment to advance election integrity statewide by providing VoterGA information to citizens through volunteering in various activities and events.

Our team will provide guidelines and ideas that can be utilized as a springboard to help a coordinator run a successful election integrity outreach activity in their community.

For more information on organizing an outreach, please email the contact person listed below or leave a message at: (404) 777-0067


Participate in art shows, town and holiday celebrations, rallies, concerts, townhall meetings, etc.- anywhere that booth space is allowed by setting up tents and/or tables.

Lisa:  LKVoterGA@protonmail.com


VoterGA members can decorate a float and/or march in a patriotic, holiday, or other themed parade while handing out flyers and pamphlets to the crowd.

Susann:  shvoterga@gmail.com

Bridge Days and Bridge Events

An individual or group stands on an overpass and holds up signs or banners that support VoterGA and election integrity.

• Bridge Days – This effort will be held on a single day at various locations statewide.

• Bridge Events – This will be local and participation by an individual or a few people.

If you are going to plan a Bridge Event or Bridge Day, you must follow the safety precautions which will be provided to you by VoterGA.

Natalie:  Natalievoterga@gmail.com

Mobile Registration Days

An individual or a group stands or walks around local events, such as an outdoor shopping area (e.g., Avalon), outside music event, festival etc. to answer questions and register people to VoterGA.

Natalie:  Natalievoterga@gmail.com

Joint Outreach

VoterGA has opportunities to participate in joint outreach and work with other similar groups on election integrity.

Keaton:  krvoterga@gmail.com

Marketing – All materials that include VoterGA, such as banners, fact sheets, promotional flyers, QR codes, that are printed and distributed must be pre-approved and authorized by the organization.

Donations Please consider supporting Election Integrity Outreach by clicking on the link below. We need funding for entrance fees, promotional materials, banners, tents, tables, chairs, decorations…



Co-founder Garland Favorito thanks VoterGA volunteers. “Nydeo” courtesy of Citizen Journalist Nydia Tisdale.

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