Press Releases

Statistical Analysis Challenges GA6 Election Results 10-17-17

Kemp, Cagle Remove Taxpayer Funded Campaign Links 07-20-17

Georgians Challenge GA6 Election, Sue for Verifiable Voting 07-04-17

County Boards Ignore Recanvass Petitions as Legal Counsels Flee 06-27-17

Evidence of GA6 Election Day Hack Continues to Mount 06-23-27

GA6 Hackable Election Results Defy Common Sense 06-21-17

Georgia Election Officials Cover Up Critical Security Breach 06-16-17

GA Sec. of State Kemp working “to ensure victory” for Handel 06-14-17

GA6 Election to Continue on Unverifiable Voting 06-12-17

Handel’s Fake Ossoff Claim Reversible with SOS Facts 06-09-17

High Profile GA6 Paper Ballot Lawsuit Awaits Decision – 06-08-17

GA6’s Biggest Secret: Handel’s Head Investigator Framed Voting Machine Tech 6-05-17

Vulnerable GA6 Election Triggers Paper ballot Lawsuit 06-01-17

New Video, Ethics Exec Confirms SOS Web Site Violates Law 05-26-17

 SOS Election Scheduling Led to April 18 Reporting Problems 05-23-17


Here are our VoterGa press releases that document many of our activities on behalf of verifiable voting, equal ballot access for Georgians and other liberty minded issues dating back to our inception in 2006:

Deal Signs HB310 Despite Communist, Fasicst Roots 5-14-15

Leaders Call for HB310 Veto 04-02-15

Senate Chair Tries to Sneak No-Knock Legalization By Again 2-25-15

GA House Republicans Move to Legalize No-Knocks, Allow Murders By Police 2-21-15

Rep. Rynders Receives Evidence Requested on Unfair Georgia Ballot Access Laws 2-16-15

Leaders Call for Speaker to Resign 04-29-14

Georgia Court Denies Public Absentee Ballot Inspection: Secret Unverifiable Statewide Elections Continue 07-20-13

Tampering Creates Statutorily Illegal T-Splost Ballot 07-10-12

Can T-Splost Election Results be Trusted 07-30-12

Greens, Constitution Party File GA Lawsuit to List Presidential Candidates on Ballot 05-29-12

Senate Ethics Committee Rejects SB377 Petition Signer Id Bill 02-27-12

Three Georgia Legislators Found Dead in Two Years 03-03-12

Mark Hamilton Abandons HIs Own Bill in Bizarre Move to Stop Council’s Recommended Ballot Access Initiatives 03-09-12

State Leaders Adopt Election Integrity & Equal Ballot Access Initiatives 09-27-11

SOS Investigator for Alleged Cobb SPLOST Cover-Up Shoots Husband, Is Arrested for Drugs, Unauthorized Badge 03-30-11

Machine Flaws, Dubious Results and Deficient Auditing are Key Factors Again in $1.4 billion Cobb SPLOST Tax Levies 03-24-11

Open Records Request for Georgia Election Data Denied 11-24-10

Did Georgia Voting Machines Lie? 11-11-10

Georgia’s Tammy Adkins Becomes New Alvin Greene  11-06-10

Voterga Cites Georgia Election Problems 10-28-10

Media Outlets Exclude Candidates from Debates but Tell Listeners All Candidates Were Invited  10-22-10

SOS Refuses to Investigate 70 count Election Fraud Complaint 10-05-10

VoterGA Files 70 Count Complaint against Deputy AG 09-01-10

Voting Rights Watchdogs Cite Ethics Issues Call on Handel to Withdraw 07-08-10

Impeachment Articles Filed in Georgia House Against Secretary of State’s Inspector General 03-22-10l

House Bill Proposes Open Ballot Access for All Candidates 03-13-10

Bill Seeks to Ban GA Voting Machines 02-22-10

Former Commissioner Asks U.S. Justice Dept. to Investigate Constitutional Rights Violations by Handel, LaGrua 02-04-10

Laura Gallegos Election Case Dismissed After Questionable Prosecution 01-18-10

Appointment by Georgia Governor Raises Serious Questions 01-04-10

Governor Asked to Appoint SOS Who is Independent of Major Parties & Voting Machine Lobbyist 12-28-09

Three Complaints Filed Against SOS Inspector Office- 12-21-09

2009 Mayoral Recounts Cannot Change E-Voting Results 12-3-09

Voting-Machine Defects Could Sway 2009 GA Runoffs 11-16-09

Citizens Assail GA Supreme Court Ruling Against Verifiable Voting 10-14-09

Georgia Certified Election Results Missing 130 Votes 11-20-08

Georgians to Appeal E-Voting Rights Lawsuit Dismissal 10-30-08

Motion Filed to Ban Georgia E-Voting Equipment 03-20-08

SOS Audit Trail Report Strengthens VoterGA Lawsuit 08-01-07

2006 Election Candidates Join E-Voting Rights Lawsuit -11-21-06

Voting Rights Activists Ask SOS Candidate to Step Down 10-16-06

Lawsuit Contends Georgia E-Voting is Illegal and Unconstitutional 07-13-06

We want to thank the following media outlets who have covered VOTER GA’s activities:

CNN – Lou Dobbs Show

11 Alive

Fox 5



WSB 750

WGST 640


WRFG 89.3

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Georgia Public Radio

American Free Press

Atlanta Progressive News

Election Defense Radio

Savannah Morning News

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Morris News Service

Henry Daily Herald

A 2006 survey published by the AJC indicated that 88% of respondents considered voting machine security as an important election issue. Only 6 other issues were ranked slightly higher.

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