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Georgia facts: 

  1. The U.S. District Court found on Oct 11th, 2020 the Dominion Voting System that was used in the November 2020 election is unverifiable to the voter and in violation of two Georgia statues
  2. There are six sworn affidavits of counterfeit mail-in ballots in Fulton Co. election results scaling into the tens of thousands
  3. State Farm Arena video shows at least four violations of Georgia election law
  4. Approximately 43,000 DeKalb Co. drop box ballots have no chain of custody forms to authenticate them
  5. Tru-Vote Geo tracking showed evidence of ballot harvesting teams driving repeatedly to drop boxes in Fulton and Dekalb
  6. All 350,000+ original in-person ballot images in Fulton are missing in violation of federal, state retention law
  7. All 393,000+ original ballot images in Cobb are missing in violation of federal, state retention law
  8. At least 17,720 certified in person recount votes have no ballot images in Fulton
  9. 18,325 voters had vacant residential addresses according to U.S. Post Office
  10. 904 voters were registered at a P.O. Box address which is illegal
  11. All or large parts of 2,000,000 original ballot images from 70+ Georgia counties are missing
  12. Failure to make mandatory check of ballot envelope signature to signature on file resulted in absentee ballot rejection rate drop from 3.47% to .34% allowing about 4,400 extra dubious ballots to be counted
  13. The U.S. District Court found Secretary of State’s office “not credible” on August 16th, 2019 [pg70]
  14. report compiled by Matt Braynard and his team at Look Ahead America provided specific, verifiable evidence that likely illegal ballots exceed the margin of victory in the Presidential race
  15. Statistical abnormalities identified in many GA counties by former Army Intelligence Captain, Seth Keshel show that it is implausible that the election results are correct.

Look what the Arizona Audit Found

The margin of victory in the Presidential race was about 10,000 votes but over 50,000 invalid votes were cast

Full Arizona Senate Presentation:

Forensic Election Audit Reports:

Executive Summary and Recommendations

Operations and Methodology

Audit Result Details

Analysis of Maricopa Co. False Claims


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